Sunday, December 21, 2008

Singha Lager Beer from Thailand

From time to time I will try to "mix things up a bit" by throwing in an oddity or two. I saw this beer while I was at the supermarket and decided that I'd give it a go.

Singha (Pronounced: Sing or Singh in Thailand but Sing-ha by foreigners to Thailand) is produced by the Boon Rawd Brewery in Thailand in order to preserve the "original" taste. Singha has been the best selling beer in Thailand until recently since it has encountered competition in the form of cheaper and more alcoholic beer.

Originally Singha had a 6% abv content but it was changed in 2007 to %5 abv. I sampled from the 5% abv bottling. Singha had a smell of fruits and its complexion was pale gold. It tasted good, crisp and slightly fruity, although it lacks a certain uniqueness it is very refreshing and will definitely quench your thirst on that hot summer day.

**1/2 (out of 5*)

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