Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Strut Your Stuff: Show Off Your Liquor Collection!

You've worked hard finding the very best spirits and cocktails. You've amassed a respectable collection. But now its time to see how you stack against the big boys. We'd like to see you take your best shot - a picture of your liquor cabinet/collection. So here's the deal:

1. Upload a picture or video of your prize-worthy collection to your favorite web host (or video/image host, like YouTube or ImageShack)

2. Post a link to your entry in the comments section of this thread.

3. Vote for your favorite entry.

So eat, drink, upload, and be merry!

Happy Holidays!


The Colonel said...

Here's what I've got


ShadowedOne said...

My collection as of today, minus the bottle of Chivas Brothers Century of Malts sitting on my counter.


Like the post idea.

Faune said...

I must say ShadowedOne, that is a most impressive collection!