Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is Grey Goose's Goose Cooked?

Looks like the "Grey Goose Effect" might hopefully be wearing off, due unfortunately, to the current economic situation:

According to an article I came across today in the Hartford Business Journal Online Vodka trends are beginning to reflect the recession.

"Make mine a Vodka martini, but hold the Grey Goose.
Even liquor gets impacted by the economy with consumers searching out the best values when they head to their local liquor stores. That's why importers and distributors are targeting the retail market with super-premium vodkas at popular prices.
Case in point would be Wodka, a Polish vodka imported by Panache Imports of Brooklyn and distributed in Connecticut by Ace Distributing, a seven-year-old Plainvile company.
Panache president James Dale likes to brag that the days of people paying too much for overpriced Grey Goose that costs "for $50 a liter are over." His Wodka vodka costs about $13 a liter."
Later the article goes on to say that "people are sick of overpaying", us consumers can only hope that we will at least benefit from a new trend: quality spirits for a normal price.

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